Years have passed…

Well here I am again!

Quite a few years have passed and a LOT has changed in my life! I now live on the Redcliffe Peninsula, I travel regularly,  I have adult children, I have two grandchildren, I am separated from my husband and my Dad has passed away… the list goes on.

All in all I am mostly happy with my life… it certainly hasn’t turned out as I expected but I have my girls, my family, those gorgeous grandbabies and a couple of close friends that keep me going! I still have bad days, but I guess we all do and all you can do is keep looking up, putting one foot in front of the other and keep going!

I really really miss my Dad .. like it hurts that I can’t ever hear ‘I Love you Missy’ ever again. He has left me with amazing memories and family values that will last forever, and (hopefully) be kept going for generations to come.

My travel adventures have kept me sane! I LOVE seeing other parts of this amazing world God has created. It all started in 2015 when I went on a Mediterranean Cruise (with stops in Barcelona and Singapore) with some girls from work. The in 2016 I ventured to Hawaii for a girlfriends wedding, with Claudia and her boyfriend coming along for company. This year (in 54 days to be precise) I’m going to New Zealand!! It will be my first totally solo trip so I am a little anxious but also a little excited to be doing it on my own! It is a 19 day coach tour of both islands, spending 8 nights in the north and 10 in the south… I seriously can not wait!! I might even blog about it 🙂

Till next time…. when I venture into other ‘changes’ in my life thus far


Almost a year has passed…

Thought I might look up my little ole blog site tonight and surprisingly remembered my password and log in details and waaalaaa here I am!!

The reason I even remembered I started this page is because I have purchased a thermomix and have been trawling the internet looking at recipe/blog sites … if I could figure this site out a bit better I may even start a little cooking blog myself 🙂

I have some pretty big ideas don’t I? Reading the previous posts I spoke about writing a book….. 

Hump Day

Here we are… Wednesday.  Yesterday was my birthday and I had the day off work 🙂 I had my annual oncology appointment in the morning (all of 5 mins) and then Bas took me shopping and lunching.. then we had a quick look at lounges then we came home.  Family came over for arvo tea and then our little family went and had italian for dinner….

Back at work today and boy I was busy! Obviously having a day off just gives me extra work the next day!

I had a letter from Benny today… it made me smile!

I am boring myself with this blog so taaaaraaa


To blog or not to blog? That is the question..

Well, I have created the page.. now what?? Do I share all my thoughts and dreams, like a diary? Do I vent and scream, instead of doing it to an actual person I am angry at? Or do I keep calm and just type? That sounds like the easiest plan..

Well, I have already been a bit lost on this wordpress site…. I am sure if I play for a little while I will figure it all out!

Today is Sunday…. been a quiet one thankfully… just relaxing around the house and one outing to catch up with a friend that I haven’t seen in years! A quick visit but lovely all the same!

You know, I would like to write a book one day… maybe I can do little short stories in here and see where it takes me.  I have also always wanted to skydive…. that has happened as yet!

I will see how it goes… I will try to blog and see where it takes me… who knows… I might even enjoy myself!!